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Recently, you received a Distribution Notification Letter with specific login information to this secure website because you are entitled to a retirement benefit that must be paid out to you. This website is the easiest, fastest and most secure way to process your retirement plan distribution request. On the following pages you will select the type of distribution you desire and enter the necessary corresponding details.

The following options are available to you:
  • Roll your money into an existing IRA
  • Roll your money into your New Employer's Plan
  • Receive a Cash Lump Sum Payment with Proper Tax Withholding
To begin the process, please enter your Social Security Number and the Secure PIN Access Code you received in your letter to verify your identity.

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IRS Special Tax Notice

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Please review the government mandated Special Tax Notice above prior to making your distribution election.

Because there are varying tax consequences depending on how you choose to receive your distribution please be sure to review the government mandated “Special Tax Notice”. You may review it now by clicking the “Download Here” link or at any time during this process by clicking on the “Special Tax Notice” link in the top right corner of this website.